Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You're Invited to Bella's Totally Awesome Bridal/Baby Shower

I'm so excited to be one of the sponsor's of Bella's Totally Awesome Bridal/Baby Shower over on Inksplasher. There are going to be some fun games over the next two weeks and she'll be giving away a Daily Prize. Be sure to go visit Inksplasher every day to enter to win! Visit http://inksplasher.blogspot.com

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Good luck!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deep Blue Secret by Christie Anderson

Every once in a while a really good book comes along—you know, the kind that is well-written and entertaining—well, that’s Christie Anderson’s, Deep Blue Secret. It was a book that I purposely slowed down reading near the end, because I didn’t want it to end! Christie has a true talent with words. I especially loved her protagonist’s contemplative personality, and Christie’s strong ability to successfully switch between viewpoints in subsequent chapters. I was immediately endeared to her main characters and kept hoping that her intriguing story would not disappoint me in the end. I’m happy to report that the ending was perfectly satisfying, except that a sequel is definitely in order—soon!

Deep Blue Secret is the story of Sadie James, whose outward appearance is that of a normal, everyday California girl, but in reality she’s not so typical, with a mysterious past unknown to her or even her single mother. Add a gorgeous crystal-green eyed boy who Sadie has a powerful, bewildering attraction to, and who seems to show up whenever she’s in danger—and you only have the beginning of this remarkable tale.

Christie Anderson has accurately captured distinct characterizations of her characters, each having their own unique voice woven into Sadie’s story. Her use of the California coast and its local hangouts is both believable and alluring, helping the reader to easily visualize the settings in her delightful book.

I highly recommend, Christie Anderson’s, Deep Blue Secret. Okay, Christie—how long before we get to read the rest of this remarkably enjoyable story? Soon, I hope!

To purchase Deep Blue Secret go to http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Blue-Secret-Water-Keepers/dp/1463768591/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317345871&sr=8-1

To view her exciting book trailer go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNODYfM7lvo

To learn more about Christie Anderson visit http://christieanderson.org/

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison

Are you kidding me? This book kept me laughing until the end—Janette Rallison is a master of comedy, embedding delightful humor throughout her YA novel, It’s a Mall World After All.
Charlotte, a senior in high school, holds down an afterschool job at the mall ‘spritzing’ perfume on any woman who dares come near her. While spritzing, she discovers that Bryant, her best friend Brianna’s boyfriend, may be two-timing Brianna and sets out on a hilarious journey to prove it to Brianna—who thinks she just ‘has it in’ for him.

I enjoyed her well-rounded characters and her keen sense of the teenage world. I felt like I had stepped back into the rush of high school years. Janette’s characters are superb! Her setting—a mall—and the hilarious antics that happen there are delightfully amusing. And yet, there is a tender side to this story that gives the reader just the right amount of thoughtful self-reflection.

It’s a Mall World After All is a fast and entertaining read—one that will truly make you smile. I highly recommend this novel—especially to anyone who just needs a good laugh!
To learn more about Janette and her now 18 published novels, visit http://www.janetterallison.com

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Irish Rose by Deborah L. Weikel

I enjoyed reading Wild Irish Rose written by Deborah L. Weikel. It is a delightful story that takes you through what it must have been like to be an Irish immigrant in 1865 and how coming to America was both a dream and a nightmare for some as the Irish suffered many unfair persecutions. It takes awhile to get into the story because of the heavy usage of Irish language that Deborah has skillfully woven into the fabric of her story, but once you do, you'll have a hard time not using a wee bit of it yerself!

Though I would have liked to see more of the back story shown rather than mentioned, the story itself has a fair amount of intrigue. Deborah has created strong characters who stay true to their personalities and quirks--it's often disappointing when you become endeared to a character because of their quirks and find that the author doesn't carry their distinctive personalities to the end of the book. Well, you won't be disappointed with Deborah's characters! Rosaleen O'Shay is a spirited young woman with a quick temper who never looses her strong personality to the end of the story. That was part of Wild Irish Rose's charm.

The story starts out in Pennsylvania, where the O'Shay family have temporarily settled after arriving from Ireland in search of their dream to create a homestead in California. But times are tough for an immigrant and after a few unfortunate mishaps, the reader begins to wonder how they will ever make it to California.

Blaise Cameron is a young man who has been at war for the past four years and is now on his way back to his father's ranch in California. He has a mysterious reason to be looking for a mail-order bride, and when Rosaleen's parents arrange a marriage between the two--sparks fly and neither one can hardly stand to be in the same room with the other. What follows is an interesting story that will keep you wondering and hoping that Rosaleen and Blaise can somehow work through their differences.

Though a little troubled with a particular scene, I did find Wild Irish Rose to be a good story and definitely entertaining.

To purchase Wild Irish Rose go to http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=deborah+weikel+wild+irish+rose&x=0&y=0

To learn more about Deborah Weikel and her books visit http://walnutspringspress.blogspot.com

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Star Prophecy by Joan Sowards

I enjoyed reading Joan Soward's "The Star Prophesy" and found it to be well-written and very entertaining. Anytime a book takes me some place I've never been before, it's a thrill for me! Who would've even thought about the possibility of a small group traveling across the ocean during the time of the birth of the Savior? Joan's novel helped me to imagine what that could have been like, and more importantly, what it must have been like for any fortunate and blessed individual to witness the Savior during his mortal life.

Star Prophecy is the story of a young man named Enoch, who desires more than anything to return to the land of his fathers far across the ocean to see the Christ child prophesied by Samuel the Lamanite. Almost everyone laughs at him for even considering such an impossible trip, but Enoch is determined to prove them wrong. He hires an older man, a ship builder trained years ago by Hagoth, to build a ship big and strong enough to withstand the mighty waters and takes off on an adventure across the ocean in search of his dream.

This is a charming story of perseverance, faith, and even a touch of romance. You will enjoy reading, The Star Prophecy!
To learn more about Joan visit http://joansowards,blogspot.com

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall by Jennifer Hurst

If you're into things paranormal, you'll enjoy Jennifer Hurst's, Fall!

When twenty-one year old JD Halstead, born as Julia Halstead, finally gets the go ahead to run her first construction job, she doesn't have any clue that a world of demons and angels surrounds her in the small, out-of-the-way town Of Torrey, Utah where her grandfather's construction company has been hired to renovate an old schoolhouse into a bed-and-breakfast. And she doesn't have any clue what dark secret will be unearthed within the walls of the old building that will change her life forever.

Fall is a well-written paranormal fantasy that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat until the end and wanting to know the rest of the story when its finished.

To learn more about Jennifer Hurst and her paranormal novel, Fall visit http://jenniferhurst.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/blog-tour-kick-off-for-jennifer-hursts-new-romantic-paranormal-novel-fall/

Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Shy of Paradise by Carole Thayne Warburton

Carole Thayne Warburton writes an interesting story using a refreshingly unusual protagonist. Lily Anderson is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty - that's about all that is normal about her. She's painfully shy, prone to horrendous anxiety attacks, wide in the hips, addicted to ice cream, and overcoming an addiction to alcohol. She also loves fishing, and hopes one day to be in a romantic relationship. She meets Sky Brown, a Native American Shoshone, who is accused of stealing her grandfather's fishing pole worth a few thousand dollars. Throughout this tale, Carol weaves in bits of fascinating Shoshone history in a way that broadens the reader's perspective and understanding of the wrongs inflicted upon the Northwestern Shoshone. As the reader, we relate to Lily while hoping that she can rise above her fears and see the true beauty that has miraculously come into her life.

For more about Carole Thayne Warburton visit her blog at:
For a purchase link to Just Shy of Paradise visit:

The Alias by Mandi Tucker Slack

Mandi Tucker Slack's The Alias, is a well-written, on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense with just the right amount of romantic appeal. It is one of those novels you hate to be torn away from, and then must hurry back to read once the interruption has passed.

Jacey Grayson assumed that her life would be pretty close to perfect - she fell in love with and married John Trent, a handsome man who doted over her at first, buying her beautiful jewelry, fine clothes, and an expensive home. But it wasn't long into their marriage before she discovered his abusive nature. She stuck it our for eight agonizing years, but when it got to a dangerous point, she divorced him and fled with their son, Blaze.

But when the FBI catches up to her and discloses even more disturbing information about John, Jacey realizes that if the FBI can find her, then so can her ex-husband. To protect herself and Blaze, her best friend comes up with a plan that'll hide their true identities, hopefully long enough to start a new life far away in a small, Mormon, farming community in Utah.

It tears Jacey apart to be dishonest to the family that takes her and Blaze in and treats them like their own, but she must continue to live the lie to protect her and Blaze from her angry, abusive ex-husband and the secret life he leads.

Mandi Slack has masterfully created each one of her character's personalities and has woven an intriguing story full of suspense. She has captured John Trent's character in such a way, that as a reader, you too will fear him, and you'll be rooting for Jacey, hoping that she can stay one step ahead.

Mandi Tucker Slack's The Alias is a 'must read' and a novel that will keep you captivated to the very end!

To learn more about Mandi, visit http://www.mandituckerslack.com/about-the-alias.html For a purchase link visit http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=mandi+tucker+slack&x=14&y=21

Friday, September 2, 2011

Heart of a Hero by Marie Higgins

Heart of a Hero is a sweet romance that will delight you with its intriguing story-line and believable characters. Summer Bennett left the small town of Richfield five years ago to learn how to become a proper lady at her aunt's boarding school. But you know how the old adage goes ... you can make a lady out of a tomboy. but you can't take the tomboy out of even the finest of ladies. You'll love Summer because she is very much a lady, but a lady who can and does take care of herself. Jesse Slade was a source of irritation to her before she left Richfield--the typical older-boy tease, and even now, as a Deputy Marshall, she does not think him suited as a future husband for her sister Violet. But the more their paths cross, the more attracted she finds herself to him.
Jesse's feelings parallel Summer's--the same irritation and initial dislike and then an overwhelming, heart thumping attraction to her. Follow this captivating and oh, so delightful story as the two fight their powerful attraction to each other to its very satisfying end.
For more information about Marie Higgins and purchase links for her novels, visit http://mariehiggins84302.blogspot.com

Identity by Betsy Love

Betsy Love's debut novel, Identity, is fast becoming a best seller - for a reason - her story takes us on an exciting adventure that'll keep you captivated with its characters, intrigued with its story-line, and guessing to the very end.
Follow the story of two similar-looking young women whose mistaken identity mishaps while vacationing in Mexico cause a rift between one of the women, the wealthy heiress Amelia Vecchiarelli and her finance, Brent Delano. As fortune has it, Amelia takes an earlier flight back to Phoenix without Brent and runs into her look-a-like, Savannah, and they both begin to put the pieces together that caused their vacation to go haywire, until the plane crashes - leaving one of them dead, and the other with no memory of who she is.
Betsy has skillfully woven her novel, Identity together in a way that even the reader has no idea which young woman survived. If you love mystery, suspense, and a touch of romance, you will thoroughly enjoy reading, Identity!

For more information about Betsy Love or for links to purchase Identity, go to http://sweetbetsylove.blogspot.com

Hearts Through Time by Marie Higgins

What do you get when you take a high-profile lawyer and an attractive ghost who has been waiting for just the right 'solicitor' to come along for almost a hundred years? You get a romantic encounter filled with suspense and intrigue! Marie Higgins' Hearts Through Time follows the story of Abigail Carlise as she convinces Nick Marshall that indeed, she is a ghost, that she was murdered in 1912, and that she desperately needs him to help her solve her untimely death. Neither one of them expected to fall in love, and neither one of them expected that Nick would be whisked back into her time just days before her murder...only, now she has no memory of him. How will Nick get through to her in time to rescue her before the murderer strikes?

You'll enjoy reading this sweet romance!

You can find out more about Marie Higgins and her other novels at http://mariehiggins84302.blogspot.com/

To purchase Hearts Through Time go to http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=marie+higgins+heart+through+time&x=0&y=0
Author of Oh, Say Can You See? the fourth book in the Free Men and Dreamers Series, L.C.Lewis is an excellent author who wears her passion for the United States of America on her sleeve, in her heart, and penned in her incredible works. Her novels are thoroughly researched and give the reader a true sense of what life must have been like at the beginning of our great nation, as she masterfully weaves her characters in with historical people and events. Laurie describes her works: Dark Sky at Dawn, book one of Free Men and Dreamers, introduces the troubled characters--American, British and slave--whose lives are caught up in this complex period. Europe was in tumult over Napoleon, and America was a hotbed of social and political divisiveness. Nearly bankrupt, the American military was under-manned and under-funded, requiring citizen-soldiers to leave their plows and hearths to fight. They marched off, filled with bravado and ballyhoo, but the British threat soon humbled them, nearly breaking their spirit. Twilight's Last Gleaming, book two of the series, carries our characters into the early days of the war, highlighting the sacrifice and courage of the women as well as the men. In Dawn's Early Light, the British war machine heads for Washington, terrorizing families along the Patuxent and Potomac rivers, leaving the citizenry and their leaders fearful that their government, their Constitution, and their very way of life is endangered. Volume four, Oh, Say Can You See? details the poignant events surrounding the Battle of Baltimore, the writing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” story and the end of the war. Volume five, “In God Is Our Trust” will carry us beyond the war, illustrating the America molded by the War of 1812. We are anticipating a summer 2011 release. The Free Men and Dreamers series should be one everyone's reading list, not only for enjoyable reading, but for an awakening of gratitude for our founding father's and their profound contributions to our nation. I highly recommend this thought-provoking series as a supplement to American History classes nation-wide.
To purchase any of L.C. Lewis' novels visit her website at http://www.laurielclewis.com

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Last Archangel by Michael Young

Bond by golden chains, Xandir faces his punishment for straying from his duties and willfully revealing the secrets of heaven to mankind, and is consigned to the role of Destroying Angel until the End of Time. He is given the assignment to destroy Pompeii, the city where a beautiful mortal woman has captured his heart, but cannot bring himself to do so, until coerced by a powerful High Seraph into fulfilling his duty. His love for this woman and remorse at her death propels him on a journey to free her from the constraints of death. Along the way, he is assigned an apprentice, Jarom, and together they brave the very jaws of hell itself to find the keys they need to bring her back.

Michael Young has masterfully woven a timeless story of good versus evil with his well-written characterizations of angels and demons engaged in relentless battle. His descriptions are both clever and witty making it easy to visualize Michael's intriguing story. So many times the end of a story will disappoint or not bring satisfaction, but not so with The Last Archangel, in fact, it will leave you wanting more.

Michael is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in German Teaching and a minor in Music. He puts his German to good use by working to build online German courses for High School students. Though he grew up traveling the world with his military father, he now lives in Utah with his wife, Jen, and his two sons. Michael enjoys acting in community theater, playing and writing music and spending time with his family. He played for several years with the handbell choir Bells on Temple Square and is now a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

His first book, The Canticle Kingdom, was released in Feb 2010 through Bonneville Books. He is the author of an inspirational pamphlet, Portrait of a Mother, and has also had his works featured in  Mindflights, The New Era, Allegory, and the Ensign.

You can learn more about Michael and his writing at his blog: http://www.writermike.com

You can read more about The Last Archangel at the official site: http://thelastarchangel.weebly.com or http://thelastarchangelbook.com

You can purchase The Last Archangel by clicking on  http://amzn.com/1599558947

Monday, June 27, 2011

Illuminations of the Heart by Joyce DiPastena

Illuminations of the Heart, written by Joyce DiPastena, is a historical romance set in the medieval days of Duke Richard son of King Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. It is the story of Donna Siriol de Calendri a young widow who along with her maid, Lucianna travel from Venice to Poitou at the dying request of her brother, to live under the guardianship of his friend, Sir Tristan de Brielle. But Siri bears a striking resemblance to Tristan’s late wife, Clothilde, which makes her presence a painful reminder of the love he lost and a temptation too hard for him to bear.

Author Joyce DiPastena
It’s not often that one reads a book so well written and researched, as Joyce’s, Illuminations of the Heart. Joyce has taken meticulous care to assure historical accuracy, which added to this delightful tale of a romance fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Joyce gives us the pleasure of a deeply romantic novel without resorting to degradation in any form—a truly desirable romance!

I highly recommend Illuminations of the Heart. It is not only thoroughly enjoyable to read, but also gratifying.

For more information about Joyce DiPastena go to http://walnutspringspress.blogspot.com/
To purchase Illuminations of the Heart go to http://www.amazon.com/Illuminations-Heart-Historical-Romance-Novels/dp/1935217267/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309202227&sr=8-1

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chronicles of the Broken by Amanda Washington

Author Amanda Washington introduces us to six compelling youth—all with distinctively different personalities, and all lacking one key element in their lives—faith in something or someone greater than themselves. Amy is a game-addict with a major attitude who is being raised by her Asian and aged grandparents. Andrew detests every nanny his parents hire and devises ways to get rid of them. He has little respect for women and no clue how to interact with them either. Jessica is a loner who lives with a chronically ill mother and an alcoholic father. Trevor is a classic latch-key kid who is shy and physically abused by an older brother. And Marcus is a big, rough football player with a reputation as a hothead and a troublemaker.

Although they all go to the same high school, they do not know each other; until they are unwillingly thrust together at a Christian youth camp where an unexplainable miracle brings them together and causes them to take a closer look at their lives.

Author Amanda Washington
 Amanda Washington’s characters are well-rounded and believable down to their very dialects—that’s always a thrill to read! She has crafted a well-written Christian novel, without being an in-your-face Christian writer. Her messages are subtle and skillfully woven into the fabric of her novel. I highly recommend, Chronicles of the Broken!

To purchase Chronicles of the Broken, go to  http://www.amazon.com/Chronicles-Broken-Amanda-Washington/dp/0982334982/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309141688&sr=8-1

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nia by Mella Reese

Princess Nia unwillingly receives a gift of a loyal bodyguard—Prince Garreth, the fourth born son of a neighboring kingdom, as an offering of peace between the two kingdoms. When her mother and two brothers die, Nia is left with the possibility that she might have to become the future queen even though she has no desire to do so.

She was taught the art of healing using herbs by her mother and grandmother, and has only distain for her father’s warring ambitions—she would rather heal than inflict pain, but she has no idea that someone close to her doesn't want her to be the queen either and crafts a cunning plan to destroy her. She comes to rely on Garreth as not only her protector, but also her friend.

Author Mella Reese attended Brigham Young University in Utah and Hawaii and then completed her degree in Special Education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is a survivor of Cushing's Disease. For more information on Cushings Disease go to http://www.cushings-help.com/

Author Mella Reese

Mella has put a great deal of effort into this story and in time will become a wonderful story-teller if she continues to write and is willing to study and learn from the writings of others. I wish her the very best in her endeavors.

To learn more about Mella go to http://www.mellareese.com/ or visit her blog at http://www.authormellareese.blogspot.com/

To purchase Nia go to http://www.amazon.com/Nia-Mella-Reese/dp/1612960103/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309024327&sr=8-1

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interview with Author, Jane Still

Jane Still

1. Did you always know that you were a writer? Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

What really motivated me to start writing my books was jealousy. However, all of my life, I have enjoyed writing whenever inspiration hit. The problem was it usually came out as bad poetry. In high school, I admired people who could write total nonsense but make it sound intelligent.

2. What have you done to develop your craft? Do you take writing classes, or go to seminars on writing? Do you belong to a critique group?

I started my own writers group and invited a few friends including the friend I was jealous of. She had a couple of stories published in different magazines. The next thing I did was to attend LDS StoryMakers.

3. What inspired you to write your first book, Mother’s Daze?

When I started writing, my stories had some natural humor in them, but I had no idea what I would do with them or what my genre would be. My inspiration for my Mother’s Daze Series came out of the blue one evening in the middle of my writers group. The idea just washed over me, title included. I knew it was inspired. I just haven’t figured out the why yet.

4. Is there a message in your writing that you want readers to grasp?

The message from my book would be, ‘isn’t it great to be a mom.’ We need to laugh at ourselves, relax a little and enjoy the wild and crazy ride of motherhood. I find it interesting in the reviews of The Crazy Daze of Motherhood that people take away hope, inspiration, relief, and simply a good old fashioned belly laugh.

5. Are the experiences highlighted in your Mother’s Daze series based on someone you know or events in your own life?

Unfortunately, I have to admit that the experiences highlighted in my series are absolutely based on me. Isn’t it sad? One of my stories, “Nightmare on Elm Street,” also includes a little piece of my friend Chantelle’s life. But, pretty much I write what I live and find that most people can relate. They just have enough dignity not to advertise it.

6. Who designed the beautiful cover of The Crazy Daze of Motherhood?

My publisher, Cedar Fort, designed the cover, but the picture on my first book, Mother’s Daze was taken from an illustration in the book by my illustrator, Matt Kelly. Isn’t he great?

7. Do you read much? What books/and or authors have influenced your life most? What book(s) are you reading now?

I devoured books when I was growing up, but now I am pathetic and don’t read anywhere near the number of books a good writer should read. At the moment, I do happen to be reading, Sorcerers and Seers from Chris Heimerdinger, and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. I have been reading these for over a month now—which says lots for my time. When reading is high on my priority, I pick books on politics and history or books that expand my spirit. When I need inspiration on my voice, I always pick up Erma Bombeck.

8. What are your current projects?

Are you talking about writing projects? LOL. I am working on quilt blocks, home school projects for my grandchildren, gardening, the class I teach every morning at 6:30 a.m., a class for LDS Story Makers, marketing the Crazy Daze of Motherhood, and writing my third book, Driving Me Crazy.

9. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing?

When I started writing, the biggest challenge was to color outside the lines. If it didn’t happen exactly that way, I could not put it in my stories. It took a lot of help from my writers group, and my brother, to realize that my stories could still be based on actual events and thoughts, yet I could put a little creative twist into then, when I needed to.

10. Do you have to travel much to promote your book(s)?

I grew up in Canada, so with my first book, Mother’s Daze, I did go back home to promote my book. I stopped at little shops along the way and sold some books. I also hit the tourist spots at the local beaches. With my second book, I opted to travel virtually with a blog tour. I think the blog tour is more productive and doesn’t cost a dime for gas.

11. What was the hardest part of writing your book(s)?

Funny you would ask. By the time I was finished writing, I felt like my book was lame and absolutely not funny. I turned it in and hoped for the best. It is also hard sometimes to put humor on paper, like it is in my head. Sometimes, it has taken me half an hour to write a story, and sometimes, it has taken months.

12. Have you ever felt like ‘throwing in the towel’?

Absolutely! Life gets so hectic I wonder if I have my priorities right, and if I can really find the time to write. I ask myself how I would feel if I quit? Then I write something that people love to laugh at it, and I know it’s worth it.

13. Do you have any advice for other writers?

My advice might be different than what most writers would say. I agree that you should find your passion and live it. My passions are: loving my family, loving life, and doing whatever uplifts me. Writing is fun, but I don’t have to do it to feel fulfilled. There are so many things to excel at in life. My fulfillment comes from loving whatever I am doing, and knowing that I could give up anything and move on to something else, if I felt called to it. I think that if we can’t give something up then it has too much control over our lives—barring things like family and religion obviously. And there you have it!—my own Crazy Daze philosophy.

To purchase Jane's delightful book go to:


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Crazy Daze of Motherhood by Jane Isfeld Still

Jane Isfeld Still

It’s not often that a book can make me actually laugh out loud, but this one did. I honestly laughed all the way through it! Jane Isfeld Still's, The Crazy Daze of Motherhood, pulled me in from her first hilarious story to her last. With a style something like Erma Bombeck meets modern-day, multi-tasking super mom; it is entertaining, refreshing, and just plain fun.

Every woman will be able to relate to her silly antics and will totally enjoy a walk down Jane's memory lane while remembering a few choice stories of their own. I loved this book, and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be entertained by her delightful humor.

To top it off, the excellent illustrations created by Matt Kelley add just the right touch to Jane's fabulously funny stories! This would be a wonderful Mother’s Day present for all of the women in your life!

You could win a fun prize from Jane to help celebrate the release of her book! Go to her blog at http://www.janeisfeldstill.blogspot.com and become a follower, and then leave her a comment and tell her that you're a new follower. You could win:

1. Mother's Daze basket, soap, chocolate, lotion, decorative candles, and recipe cards
2. Box of blank cards with a smattering of Canadian chocolate
3. Chocolate

Sounds like fun! Entertaining reading and the chance to win some chocolate, who could ask for more!

To purchase this awesome book go to: