Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deep Blue Secret by Christie Anderson

Every once in a while a really good book comes along—you know, the kind that is well-written and entertaining—well, that’s Christie Anderson’s, Deep Blue Secret. It was a book that I purposely slowed down reading near the end, because I didn’t want it to end! Christie has a true talent with words. I especially loved her protagonist’s contemplative personality, and Christie’s strong ability to successfully switch between viewpoints in subsequent chapters. I was immediately endeared to her main characters and kept hoping that her intriguing story would not disappoint me in the end. I’m happy to report that the ending was perfectly satisfying, except that a sequel is definitely in order—soon!

Deep Blue Secret is the story of Sadie James, whose outward appearance is that of a normal, everyday California girl, but in reality she’s not so typical, with a mysterious past unknown to her or even her single mother. Add a gorgeous crystal-green eyed boy who Sadie has a powerful, bewildering attraction to, and who seems to show up whenever she’s in danger—and you only have the beginning of this remarkable tale.

Christie Anderson has accurately captured distinct characterizations of her characters, each having their own unique voice woven into Sadie’s story. Her use of the California coast and its local hangouts is both believable and alluring, helping the reader to easily visualize the settings in her delightful book.

I highly recommend, Christie Anderson’s, Deep Blue Secret. Okay, Christie—how long before we get to read the rest of this remarkably enjoyable story? Soon, I hope!

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  1. Hi Theresa! I'm so happy you enjoyed Deep Blue Secret! Thank you for such a wonderful review! I appreciate such kind comments. It really helps me to stay motivated to finish writing book 2. I hope to have it ready in the near future!