Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodnight Kiss by Ranee S. Clark

When Chase sees Clare during her brief Christmas visit to their hometown, he knows it's his chance to make things right between them. Considering he all but ignored her while on his mission, it's a tough task. 
After having her heart broken by him before, Clare is wary of a holiday romance. But a long-awaited goodnight kiss might change her mind.

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About the author:

"I've been writing since I was old enough to grasp a crayon--my grandma even has an early copy of a "book" I made her. I have a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Wyoming and will (hopefully) soon be starting a graduate program in English. When I'm not breaking up impromptu UFC fights in the living room or losing miserably to my six year old at Uno, I'm ... well, writing or editing, of course! I'm married to my best friend, and we have two rambunctious but simply amazing little boys."

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tide Ever Rising by Mandi Tucker Slack

Tide Ever Rising is the story of two sisters - Kaydence (or Kadie) and Maysha Reynolds, quite different from each other, but very much devoted to one another. Kadie is in a relationship with Robert Greenly, a stiff, formal man who you really don't get too endeared with from the beginning of the story and aren't quite sure why Kadie would be engaged to a man who appears to care more about his mother than he does her.

Kadie is a junior high history teacher in Utah who is spending the last few weeks of break exploring ghost towns with her reluctant sister, when she accidently falls upon a hidden journal along with some other artifacts from a young woman that used to live in the fallen-down house many years ago. The artifacts lead Kadie to a strong desire to return them to their rightful owner and thus propels her on a journey to return the heirlooms. What she never expected was to find the older woman near death and under the care of her handsome, and oh, so single grandson, Logan Mathews who is almost as eager as she is to unravel the mystery revealed from the old journal's pages, putting not only themselves in danger, but anyone else who would dare to unearth it's secret.

Mandi Slack grew up in Orangeville, Utah, where her father worked as a coal miner for eighteen years. In 1987 the coal mines shut down for a time and her father joined the US Army. They were stationed in Hanau, Germany, and she had the opportunity to explore Europe. Mandi's family returned to Utah in 1992, and they settled in Orangeville, Utah, where she attended and completed high school. She then attended the College of Utah, where she studied Geology.

Eventually Mandi changed her major and moved on to Utah State University where she completed a degree in special education. She then married her best friend, Charles Slack. They have three children, two dogs and a lizard (sometimes several lizards). Their family loves to spend time together, and one of their favorite things to do is rock hound and camp. Her house is littered with rocks and minerals. Mandi loves the outdoors, and she enjoys writing suspenseful novels and short stories. You can contact Mandi through email at slackmandi@yahoo.com or visit Mandi's website and purchase Tide Ever Rising too!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Alias by Mandi Slack

Mandi Tucker Slack's The Alias, is a well-written, on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense with just the right amount of romantic appeal. It is one of those novels you hate to be torn away from, and then must hurry back to read once the interruption has passed.

Jacey Grayson assumed that her life would be pretty close to perfect - she fell in love with and married John Trent, a handsome man who doted over her at first, buying her beautiful jewelry, fine clothes, and an expensive home. But it wasn't long into their marriage before she discovered his abusive nature. She stuck it our for eight agonizing years, but when it got to a dangerous point, she divorced him and fled with their son, Blaze.

But when the FBI catches up to her and discloses even more disturbing information about John, Jacey realizes that if the FBI can find her, then so can her ex-husband. To protect herself and Blaze, her best friend comes up with a plan that'll hide their true identities, hopefully long enough to start a new life far away in a small, Mormon, farming community in Utah.

It tears Jacey apart to be dishonest to the family that takes her and Blaze in and treats them like their own, but she must continue to live the lie to protect her and Blaze from her angry, abusive ex-husband and the secret life he leads.

Mandi Slack has masterfully created each one of her character's personalities and has woven an intriguing story full of suspense. She has captured John Trent's character in such a way, that as a reader, you too will fear him, and you'll be rooting for Jacey, hoping that she can stay one step ahead.

Mandi Tucker Slack's The Alias is a 'must read' and a novel that will keep you captivated to the very end!

To learn more about Mandi, visit http://www.mandituckerslack.com/about-the-alias.html
For a purchase link visit http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field