Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awakening Avery

Fabulous book! Laurie Lewis' newest book, Awakening Avery is well written and quite entertaining. Ms. Lewis has a strong talent for placing her characters in not only believable locations, but in believable situations. I found her writing to stay true to her characters. As a reader, I could feel Avery's spiritual and emotional journey as she dealt with the loss of her husband and the loss of her desire to delve into the most personal part of herself—her writing. I was intrigued from the beginning of the book, and pleased as Lewis wove strong subplots into her already compelling story. Awakening Avery ends in a way that makes the reader say, "Now hold on...what happens next?" and to me, that is a mark of a good book. I highly recommend Awakening Avery. You will not be disappointed!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Karen E. Hoover's Debut

Karen E. Hoover has arrived on the scene with the exciting debut of her first book in the series; The Sapphire Flute: The Wolfchild Saga. It is the story of two young women, each with their own part to play to ensure the safety of their people from the wicked C'Tan. Ember has the power of a mage deep within her, and Kayla is the guardian of the sacred Sapphire Flute. At first, neither fully understands the great power they wield, or the impending destiny that they must fulfill, as they set out on different paths on a journey of discovery towards the same magical location. Karen has superbly woven their stories together in this enchanting new book that you will enjoy from the opening scene to the end. I recommend her book for all ages.
I had the occasion to meet Karen at an ANWA Writer's Conference in Mesa, AZ, a few weeks ago. She is as delightful as her book!