Friday, October 21, 2011

It's a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison

Are you kidding me? This book kept me laughing until the end—Janette Rallison is a master of comedy, embedding delightful humor throughout her YA novel, It’s a Mall World After All.
Charlotte, a senior in high school, holds down an afterschool job at the mall ‘spritzing’ perfume on any woman who dares come near her. While spritzing, she discovers that Bryant, her best friend Brianna’s boyfriend, may be two-timing Brianna and sets out on a hilarious journey to prove it to Brianna—who thinks she just ‘has it in’ for him.

I enjoyed her well-rounded characters and her keen sense of the teenage world. I felt like I had stepped back into the rush of high school years. Janette’s characters are superb! Her setting—a mall—and the hilarious antics that happen there are delightfully amusing. And yet, there is a tender side to this story that gives the reader just the right amount of thoughtful self-reflection.

It’s a Mall World After All is a fast and entertaining read—one that will truly make you smile. I highly recommend this novel—especially to anyone who just needs a good laugh!
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  1. You are clearly brilliant and you have great literary taste!