Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chronicles of the Broken by Amanda Washington

Author Amanda Washington introduces us to six compelling youth—all with distinctively different personalities, and all lacking one key element in their lives—faith in something or someone greater than themselves. Amy is a game-addict with a major attitude who is being raised by her Asian and aged grandparents. Andrew detests every nanny his parents hire and devises ways to get rid of them. He has little respect for women and no clue how to interact with them either. Jessica is a loner who lives with a chronically ill mother and an alcoholic father. Trevor is a classic latch-key kid who is shy and physically abused by an older brother. And Marcus is a big, rough football player with a reputation as a hothead and a troublemaker.

Although they all go to the same high school, they do not know each other; until they are unwillingly thrust together at a Christian youth camp where an unexplainable miracle brings them together and causes them to take a closer look at their lives.

Author Amanda Washington
 Amanda Washington’s characters are well-rounded and believable down to their very dialects—that’s always a thrill to read! She has crafted a well-written Christian novel, without being an in-your-face Christian writer. Her messages are subtle and skillfully woven into the fabric of her novel. I highly recommend, Chronicles of the Broken!

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